MenswearResource-WinslowPlaid2   vivenne westwood plaid

Remember when I said that whenever I see a particularly fabulous home furnishings product or idea, I say to myself, “Who do I know that would love this as much as I do?”And “who do I know that absolutely HAS to have this?”   Well, lately I keep stumbling across  absolutely knockout plaid wallpapers and I’m wondering “Who out there has to have one?” I know there are those who are a bit intimidated by any wallpaper, much less a plaid one.  Painting your walls is a much easier (and less expensive) commitment.  But fear not, even though it’s on trend, plaid wallpaper is definitely not trendy.  Plaids are timeless.  There is something very classic and restrained about plaid. So I say, if you love plaid, go for it.  Put some up on your walls.  As my  friend Melinda would say “I dare ya.”  (See her green plaid kitchen below.)

Here are a few suggestions for making it work:

Keep it simple. If you are using a powerful plaid, let the rest of the fabrics and patterns in the room take a back seat.  Let the wall covering make the statement and layer the room with colors and textures that blend with the paper and give your eyes a place to rest.

MenswearResource-WinslowPlaid (2)  Winslow Plaid by Thibaut


Go big or go home.  In other words, make sure the scale of the plaid is right for the room.  Big rooms need big plaids.  Trust me here.  Some small rooms can also handle a big plaid but stay away from tiny patterns on the walls of large rooms.

lindy's kitchen  Scalamandre Plaid in Melinda’s Kitchen


Calm Down.  If you love the idea of a plaid wall covering but are worried that you’ll get tired of it quickly, select one in a soft, subtle palette.  A toned down plaid can be very cool and sophisticated.

Superfresco-Wallpaper-Plaid  Plaid in Skye Blue by Graham and Brown


A little can go a long way.  Try plaid wallpaper in a closet, mudroom or powder room.  A killer plaid can make a big impact in a small space.

plaid powder room