By Maggie Griswold, from

Other than watching Halloweentown on repeat and decorating my apartment with dozens of pumpkins, my favorite part of fall is—without a doubt—getting to snuggle up in all the cute and cozy fashion. Sure, spring and summer have their floral crop tops and breezy blouses, but fall is when my all my favorite wardrobe pieces have their time to shine. And thanks to the gorgeous fall sweater trends this year, everyone’s closets are about to be chock-full of comfy knits. For those who love autumnal sweaters as much as I do, you’re going to fall in love with all the trendy looks headed your way this season. Let’s! Get! Cozy!

While sweaters can be worn during nearly every month of the year—save July and August, when the temperatures are too hot to handle—fall sweaters are truly the pinnacle of knit fashion. Not only are they all seriously cute (cue all my favorite oversized pullovers and chunky cardigans), but they’re functional, too. When a cold breeze hits, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in a soft and snuggly sweater. Yes, denim and leather jackets can also help keep you from shivering on fall nights, but they’re not nearly as cozy as fall knits. Sweaters are basically wearable blankets, and I’d pick them over just about any other outerwear for fall.

If you’re also enamored with all things fall sweater—or you’re just curious about the upcoming looks you’re sure to see everywhere—keep reading for all the fall sweater trends I’m already obsessed with. From new takes on classic styles to a Taylor Swift-inspired silhouette, these trends are here to make your fall the coziest it can be. Excuse me while I shop every single one of these trends while binging Halloween movies.

  1. So Plaid To See You

Plaid has been a quintessential fall pattern for years and years—and it’s not going away any time soon. This season, you’ll find plenty of trendy iterations of classic plaids on the coziest sweaters. From the iconic tartan plaid to bright colors that aren’t your typical fall hues, there are myriad plaid sweaters ready to keep everyone warm and fuzzy this autumn. To continue reading, click here.