Why Do People Dress Their Dogs in Clothing?

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Do You Think Dogs Look Cute Dressed up in Clothing?

I watched a little dog bouncing happily about in snow today. He was all dressed up in a ‘winter fleece’ and I thought that his owner had been very remiss not to have thought of covering up his little paws, especially with all that slushy snow about! People often say that if you want to keep your body warm you should dress warmly from the feet up! I know that it is possible to buy Wellington boots for dogs but on this day the poor little mite had nothing but his God-given paws!

Dressing Dogs up to Look Just Like children

This article will be written tongue in cheek! I confess that I am a bit of a tease so I insist on having my bit of fun! I am astonished at how many people are willing to spend money and lots of it, on dressing up their dogs to look just like children! For some breeds, it is important and kind to put clothes on the dogs, more especially so in the winter! It definitely makes sense to put a jacket on a Grey Hound, poor thing, such a skinny creature with so little flesh on it and not much fun either! The Chiwawa breed too, oh dear, just another apology for a dog!

One wonder's if dogs are affected psychologically when we dress them up in clothing! If you dress a dog in a camouflage outfit does it behave in the same way as a human being? Will the clothes turn him into some kind of combat monster and will it go all out ‘for the kill’ ? One cannot help but notice that if you put a young boy in a camouflage outfit, he immediately starts to behave differently. Suddenly he is the Aggressor, and it won't be long before he starts running about the house or the garden shooting at imaginary or real people - all the while wielding his toy gun. We have all seen how a dog reacts to a man wearing black clothes so how will a dog behave if you make him wear black doggie clothes!

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