This blogger's farmhouse Christmas decor is all the holiday inspo we need

By Kaitlin Madden, from 

If there were ever a year to go the merry and bright route with your holiday decor, it would be in 2020. And if there were ever a person that could show us all how merry and bright is done right, it's Kara Cofield. The blogger, party planner, and mom of three regularly creates festive scenes and creative crafts over on her Instagram account, but it's during the Christmas season that her talent shines brightest.

Need proof? We asked her to invite us in for an early peek at her holiday home decor, and lucky for all of us, she obliged. Keep scrolling for the Cofield family's bright and cheery farmhouse Christmas decor, then check out the gorgeous Elf on the Shelf arrival party she shared with us, too.

"Christmas time has become one of my favorite times of the year to decorate for," says Kara. "There are so many different styles, themes, and color schemes you could go with. As much as I want to change up my décor some years and do something totally different, like having a pink Christmas, or going all neutral, I end up just loving my modern farmhouse vibe."

While she sticks to her year-round style when choosing holiday decor, Kara admits to switching things up year-to-year by adding in or swapping out various colors and patterns. 

"Typically I’m not a fan of the color red, but it just seems to pop and make Christmas décor seem more Christmas-like to me. So for the last few years I’ve had a lot of the black and red buffalo plaid in my tree and in my living room décor but this year I decided it was time to switch it up a little," she explains.

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