Plaid in the Adirondacks

Are you planning on visiting or moving to the beautiful, mountainous Adirondacks? Just imagine the breathtaking mountains, crisp air, scent of pine, loons calling, and blue skies in the backdrop. Ahhh I feel like I am there with you!

As you start your planning, make sure your wardrobe, home, and outdoor decor are all covered in plaid. It is the true sign that you are home and living the life in the Adirondacks! There is such a rich history and mountain spirit that you can’t talk about without talking about plaid! You’ll see the design everywhere you go, whether strolling through the shops, cozy décor in an Adirondack cabin or a favorite flannel shirt that says, “I’m home.” 

With such uncertainty in today’s world, there truly is no place like the Adirondacks to give you peace of mind and a simpler lifestyle. Whether for the weekend, mini-vacation or pursuing your long term dream of owning, you can bask in plaid and perhaps bring a bit of it home with you. 

Why is it that a great red or green plaid instantly makes you think of the Adirondacks?  Well, every geographical place in our world has something special or specific about it. Wherever your travels bring you, there will be a lot of known, as well as unknown, history enveloping that town, area, or community. The Adirondacks is no exception. Known for its miles and miles of crystal blue lakes, breathtaking mountains, rolling streams, abundant wildlife, and beautiful homes, there is truly no place like it. Use these plaid ideas in your wardrobe and home to make the Adirondacks feel special. Be sure to make unique fashion and home decor decisions. Just as our motto says, remember to champion your individual expression!

Plaid in Your Cabin or Forever Home

Here are some fabulous ways to add plaid into your Adirondack home, whether that be one that you live in full time or one that is your get away. Even if you don’t live in the Adirondacks, feel free to add this beautiful, rustic style into your home. You won’t regret it!


Photo: Target

Picture yourself taking a midday nap in this cozy plaid bedding after an exhilarating hike up one of the 46 peaks. Let this comfy look relax you while you drift off to sleep, dreaming about your next 46er climb. Plaid bedding is a must buy for a seasonal or full time home in the Adirondacks. But if you are so inclined, bring your own plaid bedding to use in a rental home!

Family Room Couch

Photo: Town and Country Living

This plaid couch is perfect to curl up on and read an easy, light-hearted summer reading book. You can also use this couch as a place to catch up with friends on Zoom happy hours! The wood walls paired with the plaid couch gives off such a cozy, rustic feel to this home. The design is so beautiful that you might just want to admire the couch rather than use it!


Photo: Daily Mail

Okay, how spectacular is this room?? Who ever said that too much of a good thing was bad? I love the way this person designed this bedroom by adding the red plaid in unique ways throughout the room. This wallpaper makes the room seem very comfortable and snug. The plaid bedding paired with the wallpaper will not let you forget the magnificent place that you are in: The Adirondacks. You will be stress free and content about where you are. You’ll never want to leave.


Photo: Vermont Country Store

How fun are these curtains?? Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and peaking your head out the window to take in the breathtaking views. Perhaps you’ll catch a deer strolling through your yard. These plaid curtains won’t distract your eye from the rest of the room, but rather enhance the appearance and energy of the room. 

Wine Glasses

Photo: The Christmas Store

What screams “The Adirondacks” more than the design of plaid and the native moose? How about putting them together to make a beautiful wine glass! If you are anything like me, you know that there is nothing better than sitting outside on a summer night sipping a glass of rosé or sauvignon blanc. Once it’s winter, swap that rosé or sauvignon blanc with a pinot noir. Adding a cool plaid design to your wine glass makes the experience even better! These are great to buy for your forever home or bring for the weekend at the cottage.

Wall Decor

Photo: Etsy

Wall decor sometimes gets overlooked when planning out a room. You want to have the perfect furniture and wall colors, but make sure you have some fun and eye-catching designs that will remind your guests of the special place they are in: The Adirondacks! This plaid moose is so adorable!  If you wanted to get creative and make your own plaid moose, you could carve your own wood, add a plaid piece of cloth behind it, and frame it for everyone to see. It might be just what you need to have some innovative fun during this pandemic. 

Plaid in Your Outdoor Spaces

Never forget to add some unique designs to your outdoor spaces! Here is a list of ways to bring some plaid outside of your home.

Blanket for Your Campfire

Photo: Anthropologie

Imagine getting together with friends for a socially-distanced campfire for the first time in months after being in quarantine. This plaid blanket is the perfect cozy accessory to bring with you to keep you warm while enjoying the stars, fire, and safe socialization. Lay your blanket down besides the warm flames, take your shoes off, and take in the peacefulness of a beautiful night in the Adirondacks.

Boat/Beach Bag

Photo: Amazon

Love these bags!! Whether you’re sitting at a beach by a lake or boating for the day, make sure you have a cute bag to store all of your necessities! You can store your book, sunglasses, snacks, and sunscreen in your bag, avoiding trips back to your house during a fun day just hanging out. Considering buying something like this bag with a fantastic plaid design. Add your first initial or monogram to personalize your bag. 

Welcome Mat

Photo: Home Talk

I love how this person paired their “hello” mat with a bigger plaid mat. Make your guests feel welcome by having one of the first things they see be the Adirondack plaid spirit outside your home! To spruce up the look outside your front door, add a plant, just as this person did.

Plaid in Your Wardrobe

Here are some fashion tips to add plaid to your wardrobe! No matter your age - you can’t go wrong adding some character and plaid to your outfits.

Flannel Shirts

Photo: Madewell

This shirt makes me relax on the spot. Whether you’re packing up to spend the weekend in the Adirondacks or the whole summer, you must include a flannel shirt! Plaid flannel shirts never go out of style. If you’re going on a trip with your family members, consider coordinating different flannel shirts for a photo shoot. Nothing says, “We just took a fun trip to the Adirondacks,” like a Facebook photo album filled with family pictures in plaid clothes. 


Photo: QVC

The Adirondacks has more to offer than just its summer season. The winter season is a great time to visit, especially if you like to ski or snowboard! Make sure to bring plaid slippers to throw on after a long day on the mountain. They will warm your toes right up. Imagine sitting by your fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and these cushy slippers. Buy an elegant set for yourself, and your feet will be cozy and warm.

Ties & Bow Ties

Photo: Brooks Brothers

Men listen up. Much of the “Adirondack look” could be described as casual. However, you may want to throw a nice plaid tie or bowtie into your suitcase before your summer getaway. Maybe there will be a wedding, anniversary celebration, or fancy party that you can get dressed up for. I personally love this tie because of the way the blue and purple colors pop. You can’t go wrong with a plaid tie!