Masters of Plaid

With the Masters upon us, there is no better time to highlight the legends of plaid at the Masters. These include people like Jack Nicholas (6 titles), Tiger Woods (5 titles), and Arnold Palmer (4 titles). And although never a winner, we included Plaidguy favorite Payne Stewart.

I know...I know…the Green Jacket is synonymous with the Masters Invitational. But I challenge you go to a golf course in the United States and not see plaid. Be it apparel, golf head covers, golf bags, the clubhouse and pro shop décor, it’s literally everywhere. And my apologies upfront cause good luck now trying to “unsee” all of the plaid out there.

The Winners Jacket

The Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial – according to Golf News Net, “has had many tournament names over the years but one constant has been the awarding of an official Scottish royal tartan plaid jacket for its champions. This tournament dates back to World War II, but the plaid jacket tradition began in the 1952. When the tournament began in 1946, the winner received a navy blue jacket. However, six years later, the club switched to plaid. The club began making jackets with a tartan wool from overseas in Scotland. The idea was to pay tribute to the game's heritage, making the jackets available only to Colonial members and tournament winners. The club can award a jacket to volunteers, tournament committee members and others involved with the event, at their discretion.” To read more of the article go to

Photo: Phil Mickelson/The Colonial 2000

RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina also gives its winner a plaid jacket. Also from Golf News Net; “When organizers started the tournament over Thanksgiving weekend in 1969, there were no plaid jackets. Rather, tournament officials wore canary yellow jackets. That was changed a few years later, when organizers were inspired by the famous 1790 golf print of Sir William Innes, who was captain of the Society of Golfers at Blackheath in Scotland, playing in a tartan jacket. Innes' image was also included in the tournament logo until RBC became the tournament title sponsor in 2012." To read more of the article go to

Photo: Webb Simpson/

Photo: Harbour Town Lighthouse/ 50th Anniversary

The Players

Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most wins at the Masters taking the Green Jacket in 1963, ’65, ’66, ’72, ’75, and ’86. Nobody rocked the polyester plaid pants better than Jack during his heyday.

Finding Tiger Woods in plaid was a challenge. If this article was about the color red we would be in luck, but thanks to Google we dug up a couple of shots of Tiger rocking the plaid. Getting his first win in 1997 and last in 2019, Tiger is within reach of tying Jack’s six all-time Master’s wins.

Arnold Palmer’s charisma is unmatched and relationship with the Master’s legendary playing in 50 tournaments. With wins in 1959, ’60, ’62, and ’64, he stands as the 3rd all-time with Master’s Championships.

Payne Stewart was tragically killed on October 25, 1999, a month after the American team rallied to win the Ryder Cup and four months after his U.S. Open victory, in the crash of a Learjet. His flamboyant style made him a fan favorite.


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