Did the Pandemic Postpone Your Wedding? Perhaps Some Fall or Holiday Plaid Inspired Styles Will Brighten Your Mood!

Let’s plaid the pandemic and spruce up your wedding plans that may have been put on pause. Certainly not how many brides had envisioned their wedding planning, but Plaidguy is here to add some pizzazz and perhaps a classy cool twist to your special day. With all of this time now on your hands to plan your wedding, why not consider adding the timeless, yet trendy design: plaid. I know that our team is biased when it comes to plaid, but there are so many small and beautiful ways to add plaid to your wedding. The unique touches are absolutely incredible! Or if so inclined, there are more prominent ways to add plaid into your wedding theme. Although the wedding bells are down the road for me, I already know I will have plaid in my wedding, I hope you will too!

Here are some innovative and fun ways to add plaid to your wedding:

Wedding Cakes

Photo: Pinterest

How fun are these plaid cakes adding a mixture of elegance and a rustic look. Just imagine the moment that you and your new spouse stand next to each other and cut your wedding cake, revealing this beautiful design to all of your friends and family. Scrumptious of course, but the appearance might just “take the cake” on the best part about this dessert (no pun intended)!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic

Gorgeous and what a statement, whether nestled in a cozy Adirondack setting or stepping out in an urban venue. Who wouldn’t be “wowed” when it comes to a plaid dress for your bridesmaids? Pair the unique dresses with beautiful bouquets of roses, just as these women did. Everyone in the audience will turn their heads to admire these stunning dresses, while waiting for the end result: you walking down the aisle to your future husband or wife.

Bridal Party Pajamas

Photo: Pinterest

Plaid doesn’t just need to be a part of the ceremony and reception… add it into the events leading up to the special occasion. Perhaps while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready throughout the day, wear these beautiful and cozy plaid pajamas. Picture all of you sitting with mimosas, reminiscing about your college or high school days, before your life changes forever! Make sure to capture the beautiful moment with a professional photo or selfie.

Table Settings

Photo: Style Me Pretty

I just adore these table runners. Paired with magnificent flowers, they create such an elegant look on your special day. I love all of the red colors that match the plaid runners. Your guests will admire these table settings while eating and celebrating the forever bond between you and your spouse.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Photo: Beau Coup

Perhaps you prefer to add plaid in smaller ways. Why not buy a plaid ring pillow? This is such a sophisticated look. Have your adorable ring bearer wear a nice suit to go with the fancy theme! Consider getting your ring bearer a plaid pocket tie to match the pillow. 

Flower Girl Shirts

Photo: Pinterest

Have some fun while picking out outfits for your flower girls. I know they will be so happy to be a part of your wedding! One of my favorite memories was being a flower girl for my aunt’s wedding when I was six years old. I loved being the center of attention as I walked down the aisle, throwing flower petals with my cousins and sister in matching dresses. These plaid shirts with white dresses underneath are just adorable. Pair with a pretty red bow to finish the look!


Photo: Amazon

The shoes steel the show! When you walk down the aisle, you know your guests are going to be captivated by your beautiful wedding dress. However, sometimes the best looks are all in the details. Either of these plaid heels paired with your white dress would be perfect to spruce up your look. As you walk down the aisle overcome with emotion, rely on these shoes to bring you to the rest of your life.

Wedding Invitations

Photo: Etsy

If you haven’t sent out your wedding invitations yet, contemplate adding plaid to the design. Although wedding invitations may seem like a minor detail, many people important to you will keep them for the rest of their lives. I know you’ll want to keep them too. They will perfectly match your rustic wedding theme.

Wedding Dress Sash

Photo: The Perfect Palette

I love this look. If you don’t want to go with the plaid shirt over your white dress, consider adding a plaid sash to your wedding dress. I love how this bride added beautiful roses and covered the stems with the same pattern as her sash. As you walk down the aisle, there won’t be a dry eye in the audience!