Deciding what to wear for RBC Heritage 2021? 7 fashion tips for Hilton Head’s big event

From Island Packet by Lana Ferguson 

The biggest social event of Hilton Head Island is back for its 53rd year, and everyone’s excited to wear new ensembles that the COVID-19 pandemic kept them from showing off in 2020.

Golf is obviously the most important part of RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, but socializing and fashion are high priorities, too. If your eyes aren’t on the course, they’ll likely be on the outfits.

Use this quick guide with fashion advice and tips for when you’re planning your clothing. (This isn’t just about the ladies... Be sure to put together your best looks too, gentlemen. Although we still have mixed feelings about the Taco Bell belt from a few years back.)

1. Your No. 1 accessory for the 2021 Heritage will be your face mask. Among the many COVID-19 precautions, protective face coverings are required during the entire event this year, both indoors and outdoors. If you’ve already chosen the rest of your outfit, a neutral-colored mask may be the best option so it doesn’t detract. However, you could make the mask the focal point by choosing one that has a fun pattern or quote. You could also wear plaid, inspired by Heritage’s favorite red tartan pattern, like these disposable ones on Amazon Prime that will get here in time for the tournament.

2. Spring has sprung. Don’t be afraid to wear bright or pastel colors and bold prints. One year, a few Hilton Head teens told us “The crowd should look like a bag of Skittles.” Although that may seem a little dramatic, vibrant prints (including some, of course, from Lilly Pulitzer) will be popular choices. In contrast to the bold patterns, some folks will break out their white pants cuing the timeless debate of “When is it OK to wear white?”

When the conversation starts with: “It all started with a bet and they’ve been doing it ever since” you know it’s a good story. Dave, Rodney and Steve have been making colorfully-matching statements each year at Heritage since 2010. The first year, they wore golf-balls and hot dogs. This year, we see postcards, pineapples and paisley. Dave (left) and Rodney (m) are both from Savannah while Steve (right) visits from London. Every year, these three gentlemen make the effort to stand out and utilize the brightest colors they can find.

From left, Luqman, Marcia, Aribeth and John coordinated their pastel colors perfectly as a group. For Luqman and Marcia, this year will be their first attending RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing. The group said they are looking forward to seeing what Heritage celebrations look like as the day goes on. Hannah Cagas

3. Ditch the tight-fitting clothes for flowy, looser ones. While you’re partying in a subtropical climate, you’ll be happy you chose this style when a cool breeze offers relief every now and then. Dresses are a popular choice, but rompers and jumpsuits have also received some much-deserved love.
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Photos from Hilton Head taken by our Plaidguy Mike!