10 Ways to Add Plaid to Your Apartment

If you are anything like me, you long for a pleasing and sophisticated aesthetic for your apartment, but you might not know how to achieve those results. The décor or personality of your apartment is what catches a person’s eye the moment they walk in. Are you looking for new and unique ways to decorate your apartment? Why not start with the classic and fun, yet timeless design: plaid.

Plaid is the perfect design that will capture the attention of your guests while providing a sense of coziness in your home. One of the most satisfying feelings arriving home from a long day of work is seeing a beautifully decorated apartment. Plaid designs will enhance the appearance of any home and also let your style make a statement. Whether filling your apartment with multiple plaid bedding pieces, or simply adding plaid coasters – there are countless options to spruce up your tiny home, no matter the season. Here are a few ways to add personality to your new place with plaid!

1. Throw Pillows

Plaid Throw Pillows

Photo: Ballard Designs

Throw pillows are the perfect way to make your couch more appealing – why not mix and match with a few floral designs or pair your plaid with solid colored pillows to achieve a practical look. One of my favorite things to do is change out the flannel cozy plaid of winter for a fresh lighter feel for summer. Cost affective yet welcomes each season with a new feel.

2. Picture Frames

Picture Frame

Photo: Cafe Press

Plaid is sometimes in the details… how about your favorite photo perfectly placed in an inviting plaid frame? Capture that fall shot with a plaid that compliments the colorful back drop. Frames can be placed perfectly on your nightstand or tucked into a bookshelf for others to enjoy. 

3. Curtains


Photo: Ballard Designs

I was recently decorating our guest room and found that plaid was the perfect touch of elegance yet not too stuffy. Light plaid curtains allow for the sun to shine into your space and make it feel more open and welcoming. Compliment a buffalo plaid with a classy bed skirt that will invite your friends to extend their visit.

4. Vases


Photo: HGTV

Are you ready for a project? How about these adorable blue check vases that can get done in just a few hours with a realistic budget? Roses, tulips, or some simple ferns would all look spectacular! Why buy clear or solid colored vases when you can show some style with plaid?

5. Chairs

Dining Chairs

Photo: Room & Board

I know that a lot of my friends lean on the conservative side with solid color chairs around their dining room table. How about adding some excitement to your room by adding plaid chairs? They will look elegant and sophisticated in your apartment, while also showing your ability to take design risks in your dining room.

6. Bedding


Photo: Pottery Barn

Plaid buffalo check bedding will make your bedroom very cozy! I love this bedroom look for anyone – whether you are a teenage boy, tweener, or grown adult. This bedroom look can fit into everyone’s style. After a non-stop day, let these bed sheets and covers comfort you before going to sleep each night.

7. Coasters


Photo: Society 6

Fun plaid coasters will show your guests your attention to detail. Imagine a camp-fire and hot toddy on these buffalo check plaid coasters. Change out the colors from fall to holiday and perhaps to summer plaid as you sip your mint julip!

8. Ottoman Coffee Table


Photo: Pinterest

Adorable!! A plaid ottoman coffee table will bring a classic look into your apartment, while hiding the clutter so you can kick your feet up. The kaki chair compliments a blue plaid perfectly. Don’t forget to add the tray with a warm cup of team!

9. Candles


Photo: Pinterest

Picture that warm glimmer on your mantle with a roaring fire below. Candles add a nice touch of plaid within your home for most any season. Taking in the soothing effects of plaid candle-light will put the very busy day in the back seat as you settle in for a relaxing evening.

10. Seasonal Decor


Photo: Ballard Designs

So fun and how can you say no to plaid on a pumpkin! Seasonal decor is a great temporary way to bring plaid into your apartment. Whether that be pumpkins for Halloween, figurines for Christmas, eggs for Easter, dreidels for Hanukkah, or any other décor for the holidays.