The Plaid Shirt by Goo Hara

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Kim Chi Yoon] Fashion is more about looking confident and fierce than putting on a show. Of course, we’re always in for some extravaganza. But you don’t need millions of ornaments to look great. 

A basic outfit composed of nice items can be as hot and as effective as a Giambattista Valli gown. Or am I taking it too far? Isn’t that the very essence of the Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi? An effortless look, as if you woke up like this, that is made out of genuine fashion sense. This kind of outfit does not require gorgeous embroideries, neither Swarovski embellishments, but our favorite of all time: a plaid shirt.

The plaid shirt is probably one of the most versatile items of a wardrobe. Every girl on this planet should own one (every boy already does) or several – but at least one in black and red – as it’s sexy, wild, and timeless. And you can’t even argue about this as there are plenty of evidences through History that the plaid print was, is and will forever be hot. 

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