Plaid: It’s more versatile than you ever imagined



The first thing you should know about the plaid fad is that it isn’t a fad. With all due respect to the hot-then-not chevron or geometric prints, plaid is a pattern with staying power. Think of it as an icon recently reinvented and now more popular than ever. Like the home decor version of Cher.

A quick check of holiday catalogs (think Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, even Vineyard Vines) confirms that plaid is new again. Still aren’t convinced to dig out your grandmother’s red and green tablecloth with the gold threads running through it? We checked in with Jana Donohoe, interior designer and owner of Jana Donohoe Designs to find out how to do modern plaid. Fresh off a trip to the fall High Point Furniture Market, where you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a plaid pillow, she confirmed that all the cool kids are doing it.

Here are Donohoe’s tips to add a pop of plaid to your home.

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