PLAID Interior Design

I am completely crazy about all things plaid. And when it comes to interior design, the possibilities of plaid are endless. Think floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, fabrics, accessories; the list goes on. Plaids can be bold & brash, sophisticated and serene, warm and cozy or crisp and clean. I’m convinced that there is a plaid for everyone!


I have to confess that one of the best things about being a decorator is having access to all sorts of beautiful products. It’s my job to know what’s out there and how I can get my hands on it. Most of us know how well Ralph does plaid. And most of us know how well Lilly does plaid. But check out Mulberry Home, Cowtan and Tout or Zoffany Sanderson. This is good stuff! The design world is chock full of extraordinary plaids and countless ways to use them. I love it all! And when I see a great fabric or wallpaper or a fantastic decorating idea, I think “who would love this as much as I do? I have to show it to them. ”

Plaid Wallpaper plaid_dining_chairs

So that’s my plan. I’m going to explore this world of fabulous, versatile, beautiful plaids. We’ll talk about when, where and how to use them. We’ll see if we can find that perfect plaid for your home and have some fun while doing it!

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