An opportunity for the Auto Industry

I have, of late, been considering the automobile and whether we have truly done the automobile justice in the design field.   First of all, consider all the beautiful objects in our lives and how beautifully they are decorated from floral furniture to calico curtins to polka dotted plates.  Then there are paisley purses and tie dyed shirts, striped socks and plaid  tablecloths.  We have decorated everything from our cell phones to our eyeglasses to our shoes.

Why in the world have our cars remained so plain and undecorated.  I think that the auto industry has missed an opportunity to decorate cars.   Why must they all be solid colored?   Why don’t we  have printed cars.   A calico Chrysler or a dotted Dodge?   Oh, there has been a half hearted attempt to decorate with racing stripes and a bit of chrome, but the possibilties are so endless, and it would make our drive to work so much more interesting if we could see a striped Saab or a paisley Pontiac on the way.

Anyhow as I was walking out of work into the parking lot to my car, I passed a partially plaid (burberry to be exact) mini cooper parked there just as pretty as can be.

Plaid Mini Cooper

Photos and Article by Lodie

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