Plaidguy has arrived. With him, we celebrate all things plaid. If you, like me, crave plaid’s infinite patterns, colors and possibilities – for everything from furniture, to fashion, to grunge, and sports – welcome home.

You might say I became Plaidguy more than 20 years ago. Plaid flannel shirts were my informal uniform, to the point that one of my neighbors had a five-year-old who struggled remembering my name, referring to me only as “That Plaid Guy.” I guess you could say it stuck…

When I got married, plaid continued to be a theme. My father-in-law, a guy’s guy, sported plaids a lot, and loudly — to his kids’ dismay. Plaid pants in the summer. Plaid ties at Christmas.  Plaid socks, if he could find them. He was a conservative in every sense of the word, but he sure let it go when it came to plaid.

One summer, his dry cleaners burned to the ground, destroying a chunk of his plaid collection. He accused his kids of arson. But today my sons think the coolest of cool are his plaid ties.

I love plaid. Boston Brahmins and British barons proudly wear it. Rock bands and golfers adore it. Victoria’s Secret hypes plaid underwear, and of course, the burliest of bagpipers loves his tartan (and who knows – maybe he wears it under his kilt).

When you’re in the mood for plaid, think The Plaidguy. Bookmark him, and come browse and shop when you’re feeling traditional, rebellious, colorful, or all highland-misty – in other words, when you’re in a plaid kind of mood.


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