21st Century Plaid

Like all things in home décor, what goes around comes around, and it looks like the plaid sofa is back.

I used to think I’d never met a plaid I didn’t like. Just to be sure, I Googled plaid sofas and Wow! I was so wrong. There are some crazy bad couches out there – straight out of “That 70’s Show”. Granted the ones I’m referring to probably are from the 70’s s and 80’s, so I’m not too alarmed. But seriously, what were they thinking?

Plaid Sofa

Happily, I can tell you that the 21st century version of the plaid sofa is awesome!

Most of us want our sofas to be both high functioning and to look like a million bucks. Because it’s usually the largest piece of furniture in the room, covering a sofa in a plaid takes careful consideration. The decision to make is whether to use a plaid with a big personality or one that sort of nestles in and just gets along with the other pieces in the room. Do you want your couch to Lean In or do you want it to Settle Back? Both options can work and both can be fabulous!

So if it’s time to recover that tired, old 20th century plaid couch, or if you are heading out to buy something new, the options below may give you some inspiration on rocking the plaid sofa.

barclay butera sofa

This subtle plaid serves as a beautiful backdrop for all the other forms and textures in the room.

So calm and sophisticated!

buffalo check sofa
Roger + Chris

A bold buffalo plaid is such an unexpected  twist on a mid century style frame. Love!

thibaut yellow plaid

Thibaut created this cozy nook using several, bright pretty patterns in a single palette. So girly, so fun!

Lots of layers and patterns show a softer side of plaid on this sofa by Zoffany Sanderson. Definitely a “settled back” look.

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